Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing
16th - 18th September
Ho Chi Minh City / Binh Duong, Vietnam

Special Events

  1. Scientific sessions
    GCSM Working Sessions - Wednesday

  2. Industrial sessions
    GCSM Working Sessions - Thursday "Industrial Day"

  3. Boat tour and networking on Saigon river
  4. Gala dinner in Becamex Hotel Thu Dau Mot
  5. Field trips:
    Conference participants will have a company visit to VGU, Minh Long and SaiTex.
    • VGU was founded in 2008 and is the first autonomous Vietnamese state university which is part of a Vietnamese "New Model University Project" aiming at building world-class universities in Vietnam with support from partner countries whose higher education institutions will act as models for their Vietnamese local counterparts.
    • MINH LONG was founded in the late 1970's, but Minh Long has actually been producing ceramics for over a century. That is four generations of knowledge and expertise in producing Vietnam's finest ceramics. All products are hand-crafted by specially trained artisans. This has always been the cornerstone of Minh Long Ceramics. Our devoted teamwork has an exceptional level of quality, using cutting edge technology from Germany and Japan to ensure that we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and surpass all industry standards. Minh Long's finest ceramics are widely exported throughout the world, including Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Japan,… This is not all. Our ceramic art has been presented as national gifts to many heads of state around the world during high-profile events organized in Vietnam. Truly that Minh Long Ceramics where tradition and arts come together…

    • SAITEX is a privately owner manufacturing operation specialized in premium denim and over-dyed products, with a capacity of over 6 million garments per year. The group is a leader in sustainable manufacturing practices. Our main facilities are in Vietnam where over 4,300 personnel are employed and shortly new facilities will be opened in the USA and Europe. Premium products are shipped globally for leading fashion houses, additional development personnel are based in the USA, Europe and South America. SAITEX is seeing significant growth, over 100% in the last 24 months.





Sustainable Manufacturing






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Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing