Travel Information


  • For entering China, you need a visa. You can apply for the visa at the Chinese consulate in your country. It can take several weeks; therefore, you should apply for it as soon as possible.
  • To support you getting your visa, we offer you an invitation letter from Tongji University to join the 17th GCSM. For requesting an invitation letter, please use the form below.
  • On the plane, you will receive an immigration card. This card has two sections; the bigger section is for entrance and the smaller section will be given back to you. You should give it at the passport control when you leave China.
  • When you enter the country, your photo and finger prints will be taken as it is usual in many countries. You get an entrance stamp in your passport. Later, when you check-in in the hotel, the personal will check your visa and the entrance stamp.


General Information for your stay in Shanghai

  • Shanghai is an extremely western oriented city.
  • Almost all signs, indications, road names are written also in English.
  • At ATMs, metro stations you can switch to English.
  • Digital payment is very common in Shanghai.
  • You can use all common credit cards and withdraw money.
  • All taxis have taximeters. There is a staring fee, which is around 13 RMB during daytime in Shanghai.
  • You can request a receipt at your destination. The receipt (Chinese name: FaPiao) will be printed automatically by the taximeter. It is very detailed and precise.
  • Tipping is not common in China.
  • Never take a taxi without taximeter. Never follow somebody who offers you a private taxi.
  • China is a safe country and Chinese are honest people. But it is common sense as everywhere in the world that you have to take care of your valuables.
  • In touristic areas when shopping, bargaining is common and it is part of the Chinese culture. If you hear a price and you don’t agree, don’t walk away. Start bargaining, tell you price. The deal will end up at a middle price.
  • You cannot pay with foreign currency cash, unless in hotels, which might be with an unfavorable exchange rate.
  • Public transportation in Shanghai is excellent. You can download apps for the Metro map and Metro connections.
  • In the Metro, all stations will be announced in both Chinese and English language. There are also live boards showing the stations and the actual positions.
  • Some western email platforms and social platforms such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter do not work in China. The most popular portal is WeChat, which can be used all over the world. You can create a WeChat account as soon as you arrive in China for easy communication.

Enjoy your time in Shanghai!

Dr. Ö.S. Ganiyusufoglu

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